Located in the heart of the Marcellus Shale and Utica Shale territory in Morgantown, West Virginia, Pipeline Swabs & Pigs, Inc. is a supplier for internal pipeline cleaners with emphasis on Bare Foam Pigs ranging in size from 6" thru 24," with other sizes available upon request.

At Pipeline Swabs & Pigs, our number one priority is our customers. Our staff is trained and well equipped to provide the industry knowledge you need to get the job done. This focus on customer service allows us to work two to three times faster than our competitors—a quality we realize is necessary in the oil and gas industry.

Pipeline Swabs & Pigs, Inc. retains a large inventory of Bare Foam, Poly Coated Foam Pigs (Bullet-Nose Pigs, Double-Dish Pigs, Wire Brush, and Total Wire Brush Pigs) and Steel Mandrel Pigs in our warehouse located in Morgantown, WV. Pipeline Swabs & Pigs, Inc. has access to the most current pigging products available in the marketplace today. Outstanding customer service is our top priority. Deliveries will ship ASAP to help keep your jobs on schedule.

"Servicing the Pipeline Industry in the Heart of the Northeast Gas Fields"


1. Pre-Sweep

The pre-commissioning procedure always starts with a pre-sweep to eliminate debrid from the pipeline.

2. Gauge Pig

Using a gauge pig with a sizing plate, the second step is to check for dents and ovalities in the pipeline.

3. Fill the Line

Using a bi-directional pig, the third step is to fill the pipeline. The same pig can be used for dewater operations.

4. Clean & Dry

Finally, use a series of total-wire brush pigs, bare foam swabs and descant dryers for proper clean and dry operations.

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