Our light density Bare Swabs are constructed of 1-2 pound per cubic foot open cell polyurethane foam. They are ideal for cleaning and drying pipelines. Industry standard recommends oversizing the pig 2" greater than the pipeline size to maintain constant pressure against the walls for maximum moisture removal and debris sweeping.

Bare Foam Swabs are NOT to be used in extreme low pressure, low volume pipelines since the propelling medium may permeate through the foam instead of pushing it through the line. For low pressure, low volume pipelines, use a Coated End Bare Swab.


  • Light Density, 1-2 lb. foam, not coated on base
  • Pig is Oversized 2" of pipe ID, and approximately 1.5 times pipe diameter.
  • Oversizing minimizes sloughing of pigs as they absorb moisture and this helps prevent "leap-frogging" of pigs.
  • Excellent for cleaning and drying of pipelines. Use when 1/4" dust penetration and dew points are required during pre-commissioning operations.