Our 5lb. Medium Density Double-Dish Poly Pig is constructed of molded polyurethane, coated with a tough 90A durometer urethane in a criss-cross pattern. They are used in medium length runs for a more efficient fluid removal and regular scraping. Ideal for pipelines with a large quantity of short radius bend, tees, valves, etc.


  • Pulling rope, double-nose, jetting ports, customized diameters and lengths.


  • Medium density 5lb. Bare Foam available in custom diameters to fit HDPE or Flex Steel lines. Please allow ample time for production of custom sizes.
  • Heavy density 8lb. is used when longer distances and when more abrasion resistance is required. Available upon request.
  • Light density 2lb. has maximum flexibility that is able to negotiate extreme reductions in pipe diameter as well as tight bends. Available upon request.
    • Good choice in HDPE lines where there are different internal diameters of the same size pipe.
    • When sized correctly, there is minimal chance of knocking off internal beads and clogging the line.


  • Good choice for fill and dewater applications on shorter pipeline lengths with minimal elevation changes
  • Other uses include: product removal and general internal buildup on the pipeline walls
  • Can be ordered with Pulling Rope, Transmitter Cavity, or Jetting By-Pass Ports
  • Pig oversized 3-5% of pipe ID, and approximately 1.5 times pipe diameter
  • Customized diameters and lengths are available for special pigging applications
  • 8lb Density pigs might be considered on longer pipelines, pipelines with multiple hills and valleys, and pipe sizes over 16"